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The Do This, Get That Guide On College Argumentative Essay Samples

The Do This, Get That Guide On College Argumentative Essay Samples The Argument About College Argumentative Essay Samples Our customized essay writing service is geared toward providing you the professional writing help you must succeed. It is impossible to generate an actual friend online. Shopping online isn't secure or secure. Your facts ought to be truthful. You're able to acquire fast food on nearly every street nowadays. To provide you with a remedy on the best way to compose an impressive college essay, here are a couple ideas you may wish to consider. If you're new to writing argumentative essays, there are a number of essential factors which you can learn that could help you compose a far better argumentative essay. The problem here is that it takes so many parts of paper to write just 1 textbook. Since you can see there are a whole lot of templates and topics to refer on. To compose a great argumentative essay, there are four main components of the essay you're likely to have to know about. Before writing an argumentative essay, there's one important thing which you should know. You ought to make sure you remain on that 1 side during your whole essay. For that you'll get some totally free point we're sure! Bear in mind that the amount of your essay is based on the assignment offered to you. In this kind of situation, it's more convenient to discover ready-made essays and use them as an example. Companies including BookRenter provide an amazing solution of renting college books that may make students' lives much simpler. Being in college might be a small struggle for some. Television is developing a new variant of culture The senior classes ought to be profiled Education for boys and girls ought to be separate Many individuals think the perfect way to travel is by car Activity is the sole method to knowledge The significance of education is underestimated now. On the flip side, students may rent books. Remember that you may make funny argumentative essays if you do a few things. Everyone requires some strong ideas that can be linked with your idea, that's why you will need to hook examples together with theoretical ones. You should make an endeavor to collect all your thoughts in 1 place and focus on what's crucial and related to your topic. It is very important to be aware that perfect' relationships aren't always present and may not always be done between twins. Arguments always occur in a specific context. A comprehensive argument As mentioned before, an argument does not need to be formal. Without a thesis, it's impossible that you present a productive argument. A decent persuasive argument will use the latest data and data from verified sources. Second, talk what you shouldn't do instead of what should be done. You're going to need to select a topic first, but your topic ought to be something that has two conflicting points or various conclusions. Look through the list of topics with care and start making a mental collection of the evidence it's possible to use on topics you prefer. When the topic was decided, it's vital to come up with an argument surrounding the exact same. The distinction is that you include the whole data in the body text while you simply name the arguments in your outline. Getting in a position to compose a strong argument can help you succeed in society. Make sure in any academic paperwork you do, never forget the value of coherence, essay analysis of ideas, and last, creativity. You will then have to approach the subject by gathering, generating, and evaluating credible sources to back up your evidence. If as you are preparing a report you merely analyze specific literature, the essay demands an excellent penetration into the issue. Working to an argumentative essay when you're learning first steps, isn't an easy endeavor to do. Should you need additional assistance with editing and revising, there are a couple free tools readily available online. An argumentative essay example will reveal the should possess some crucial components which make it better in the practice of convincing.

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Health Care Disparities Nurses Need to Care Essay

Health Care Disparities: Nurses Need to Care The United States government spent 2.3 billion dollars in 2010 on federally funded healthcare initiatives and programs according to a report from the U.S Department of Health and Human Services (2008). Despite this astronomical amount of money, health care disparities continue to plague disadvantaged populations in the United States. A health care disparity is defined as differences in incidence, mortality, prevalence, disease burden, and adverse health conditions that occur in specific population groups in the United States (National Institutes of Health, 2010). These differences occur as a result of culture, race and geographical location as well as socioeconomic status (Andrews, Boyle,†¦show more content†¦Difficulties in accessing preventative care create a health disparity by allowing health issues to grow in severity before medical intervention occurs (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2008). If access to preventative services is increased then the prevalence of health disparity will likely decrease. The state of Maine is not a very diverse group of people, but health disparities continue to be present. There are four recognized Native American Tribes in Maine, the Maliseet, Micmac, Passamaquoddy, and Penobscot. These tribes represent the second largest minority in the state (Keuhnert, 2000). As a group they suffer from several health disparities. There is a proportionately higher prevalence of obesity, diabetes, alcoholism, COPD, and lung cancer (Keuhnert, 2000). Native Americans in Maine live in every Maine County, but populations are concentrated in the rural communities of Indian Island, Pleasant Point, Indian Township, Houlton, and Presque Isle, all of which include reservations except for Presque Isle (Keuhnert, 2000). The Native American population in Maine is younger than the general population and is similar to the population distribution in developing nations (Keuhnert, 2000). They have lower per capita household income and higher unemployment rates, as well as lowerShow MoreRelatedA Brief Note On The Affordable Care Act1447 Words   |  6 PagesAccess to care is a distress to nurses today. In 2010, the Affordable Care Act was passed to help lighten restraints to access to care. With the multitude of legislation, guidelines, and rules enforced by bureaucracy offices, private division underwriters, and institutes, nurses are challenged concerning the intertwine fluxes of budget limitations and the ability to provide to proper quality of care. As a result of the limited access to adequate healthcare services, there are multiple problems thatRead MoreA Brief Note On The Healthcare Reform Act1359 Words   |  6 PagesAccess to care is a distress to nurses today. The Healthcare Reform Act was passed to help lighten restraints to access to care, in 2010. With the multitude of legislation, guidelines, and rules enforced by bureaucracy offices, private division underwriters, and institutes, nurses are challenged concerning the intertwine fluxes of budget limitations and the ability to provide for proper quality of care. As a result of the limited access to adequate health care services, there are multiple problemsRead MoreNational Health Care Quality and Disparities Report Essay602 Words   |  3 PagesNational Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report (NHQDR) (2012) identified three key themes. The themes are health care quality and access are suboptimal, especially for minority and low income groups; overall quali ty is improving, access is getting worse and disparities are not changing; and urgent attention is warranted to ensure continued improvements in: quality diabetic care, maternal and child health, adverse events, disparities in cancer care and quality care among the states in the southRead MoreAdvocating For A Diverse Patient. Nurses Faces Ethical1236 Words   |  5 PagesDiverse Patient Nurses faces ethical dilemmas on a daily bases and even though the nurse is competent in her skills and her ability to care for culturally diverse patients, the dilemmas still remains. The reason why is that no matter if the with every ethical decision you make, the end results will always be right or wrong depending on the persons personal culture. The purpose of this paper is to discuss ethical dilemmas with the current state of population along with health disparities. In additionRead MoreRising Cost of Health Care1289 Words   |  6 PagesThe Rising Cost of Health Care: Effects on Access to Care The rising cost of health care is a trend that is negatively influencing access to health care. According to our course textbook, Policy and Politics in Nursing and Health Care, over 46 million Americans did not have health coverage in 2008, and 25 million American adults were underinsured (p. 124-125). For most people, this can be attributed to the high cost of premiums, co-pays, and deductibles. The purpose of this paper is to discussRead MoreHealth Care For The Homeless1256 Words   |  6 Pageshomeless has little access to health care related to many factors. The homeless face health risks and are more likely to suffer from mental health issues and chronic health problems. They are exposed to the elements and have poor nutrition and limited access to health care (Potter, Perry, Stockert, and Hall, 2015, p. 620). As a result of limited access, they have less of an opportunity to receive help to prevent or treat illness and injuries. By not receiving help from care providers, their risk forRead MoreThe Treaty Of Waitangi And New Zealand Essay1100 Words   |  5 PagesTreaty of Waitangi was â€Å"designed as a platform for Maori Health development† in order to help the decreasing population of Maori in 1840 (Kingi, 2007, as sighted in Taylor Rebeiro, 2013, p. 323). The professional responsibility of Registered Nurses is to ensure that the fundamentals and principles of the Treaty of Waitangi are acknowledged and applied to practice. By applying the principles, Registered Nurses help to improve the health disparities between Pakeha and Maori in New Zealand (Nursing CouncilRead MoreThe United States Health Care Disparity1483 Words   |  6 PagesThe U.S. healthcare has been dealing with disparities for centuries. These disparities can be racial, social, or economical. The disparities are easier to see when compared to other reference points, such as policies, procedure or protocol. Williams Torrens, 2008 list several disparities when it comes to patient care, such as minorities are less likely to get diagnosed with cancer verses whites, patients with lower socioeconomic statuses are less likely to received diabetic services, and many moreRead MoreThe Incident Rates Of Men With Cancer Black Men Essay1032 Words   |  5 Pages2016b). According to the statistics the needs for increased screening and care is needed in the African American and Hispanic community. Hospice patients vary in age, race, and socioeconomic demographic. Hospice agency care for neonate, pediatric, adult and generic patients, in 2014 0.5% of patients were less than 24 years of age, 32.4.% of patients were 25-74 years of age , and 67.1% of patients were over 75 years of age (National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, 2015). Most importantlyRead MoreHealth Disparities Within The United States1196 Words   |  5 PagesThe United States is faced with multiple health disparities within the country that encompass many challenges for individuals when it comes to the fairness and access to health care. A health disparity is defined as the inconsistency of treatment between two different groups of individuals. Treatment that could be different could be seen as different care due to age, race, ethnicity, culture, or current socioeconomic status (Koh et al., 2012). Treatment may be different or delivered in different

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A Comparison of Powerful Female Monarchs Elizabeth I and...

On the eve of her coronation, Elizabeth I said, â€Å"I will be as good unto you as ever a queen was unto her people† (Grant, 140). Elizabeth I of England and Catherine de Medici of France were both powerful female monarchs during the Renaissance whose rules shaped the current religious affiliations of France and England. The reigns of Elizabeth and Catherine differed in their extent of power and matrimony, but were similar in influence and support of the arts, and Elizabeth was ultimately the more successful monarch. Elizabeth’s and Catherine’s reigns differed in their amount of power over the government and church. For example, by the Parliamentary Act of Supremacy, Elizabeth was the Supreme Governor of the Church of England (Doran, 14) â€Å"Albeit the king’s Majesty is justly and rightfully is and oweth to be the supreme head of the Church of England, and is so recognized by the clergy of this realm†¦be it enacted, by the authority of this present Parliament, that the king†¦his heirs and successors†¦shall be taken, accepted and reputed the only supreme head in earth of the Church of England† (Dickens, 64). She had to consort with Parliament and her council, but she was still powerful in her own right and made the final decisions. Catherine, on the other hand, had many more obstacles to overcome. After her husband, Henry II, died in a jousting accident, and her son, Francis II, died from an ear infection, Catherine became the queen regent for her son, Charles (Catherine de Medici

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Maximizing Performance and Maintaining Results †MyAssignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about the Maximizing Performance and Maintaining Results. Answer: Introduction The World Vision Australia is a non-governmental organization which is based in Melbourne Australia and makes a larger part of the World Vision Partnership which is headed by World Vision International. World Vision Australia is also an ecumenical Christian organization dedicated to the betterment of the world, making the glob sustainable for every individual but majorly focuses on improving childrens lifestyle all over the continent. World vision Australia serves globally, the organization is currently serving in fifty eight nations with their main vision being provision for every child, life in all its fullness for everyone. The main method used by the organization to meet its obligations and missions is transformational development via emergency reliefs, advocacy, policies and community development. The content of this paper however, takes a different perspective where the main concern of the study relates to accounting and management part of the organization. The paper discusses various long term objectives of the organization together with the key stakeholders of World vision Australia. The content of the report further provides in-depth and comprehensive discussion with regards to application of a balanced scoreboard, strategy map and its implication. The content concludes with the analysis of various issues surrounding the implementation of a balanced scoreboard. Objectives and key stakeholders of World Vision Australia World Vision Australia as already mentioned is obligated to make the world a better and a fairer place for children especially the most vulnerable children all over the globe. While the extreme poverty rate is slowly declining all over the globe, majority of the children all over the world still have no access to a better life as they cannot afford the most essential life requirements. These essentials include water which is safe, proper education as well as good health and nutritious diet. The organization has therefore various goals to achieve prior to the year 2021 (Kaplan and Norton 2010). The number one goal of the World Vision Australia is to ensure that the ongoing wellbeing of the twenty million children is achieved by 2021 and the ability of the organization to achieve this is based on decades of experience. According to the management of the organization for the organization to achieve this key objective by the year 2021 they have to focus on the betterment of the whole wor ld. To change the life of a child, the community life must change as well as the life of the families with vulnerable children (Niven 2016). This therefore brings World Vision Australia to other objectives towards making the world a better and a fairer place for the children. Another long term objective or goal of the World Vision Australia is to support local communities in order to comprehensively and effectively change the life of children all over the world. To achieve this long term goal, the organization has partnered with various groups of people and organizations in different locations known as Development Programs. These groups work together with the community by helping the community to define their goals as well as help them drive their development. The third goal of the organization is to create change in all work areas. To achieve better life for the children real change means tackling all the complex and connected causes of poverty such as providing clean water and improving sanitations as well as hygienic practices. In terms of education, the organization is objected to improve access to education around the world (Niven 2016). The organization has also a goal to reducing preventable deaths and improvement of women and childrens health through application of high impact innovations in the health sector and lastly in the World Vision Australia has a goal to improve peoples livelihood so that they can increasingly provide for their children in the future. The key stakeholders in the organization are the vulnerable children World Vision Australia support all over the continent. Children are the major clients of the organization as most of the activities undertaken by the organization are meant to support the children. Another major stakeholder is the local communities especially the poor Development program groups Financiers The board of the organization Employees Emergency agencies Global partnerships Scoreboard perspective suitable for the case Based on the type of operations handled by World Vision Australia as an organization, the best perspective of the scoreboard that can be applied is the client perspective. The customer perspective is all about how the clients of the organization perceive it and the position of the organization in meeting the client desires in order to meet the financial objectives (Niven 2016). The customer perception is always based on the time of performance, the quality of performance and the cost of operations. Objectives Specific measurement New supports programs Level of impact of the programs Responsive service supply Timely delivery To be preferred supply Share of key accounts Client partnerships Number of global partnerships The table above outlines specific measures that majority of the World Vision Australian clients may need. Most of the clients in relation to various studies have similar objectives which have similar specific measures as outlined above. The creation of new programs by the organization is one of the client objectives, this objective is always measured by the percentage of sales but in this case the specific measure of the new programs is the level of the impact to the local community (Niven 2011). Another objective is the responsive service supply which is measured by timely delivery of the services. The third objective is the preferred supply which is measured specifically by the share of the key accounts and finally the last objective is the clients partnerships which is measured by the number of global partnerships. Strategic map indicating the relationship between the objectives Strategies can be articulated in terms of a meaningful strategy map which indicates the relationship between the objectives. The top objectives can be expressed in terms of growth and profitability and the goals can be translated into more concrete terms of progress (Niven 2015). The objectives within the scorecards can be cascaded to make the translation of possible strategies. Analysis of the issues concerning the implementation of the balanced scorecard by the World Vision Australia According to various literatures and studies, implementations of scoreboard comes with various challenges. These problems affect most of the organizations and World Vision Australia is one of the firms facing the scoreboard implementation. One of the main challenges faced by the organization is too much internal focus which is encouraged by scoreboard. This problem occurs as many of principles focus on the internal principles within the internal environment of the organization (Makhijani and Creelman 2011). The organization can avoid this problem through the application of SWOT analysis. Through the application SWOT analysis, the organization can develop a more holistic approach to develop a balanced metric system. Developed metrics should be relevant and clear understandable to everyone. The metric should be depicted with visual indictors which can easily be understood by everyone within the organization. Most of the stakeholders within World Vision Australia may not be able to understand poorly defined metrics and this may be a problem to the implementation of a balanced metrics. In order to overcome this challenge the organization may should develop a sloppy and well defined metrics which is not vulnerable to critics and understandable to all parties (Makhijani and Creelman 2011). The organization being a non-profit making organization is likely to have poor financial reporting system or may overemphasize on the collection of financial metrics at the expense of other simple issues and this may be a challenge to the implementation of the a balanced scoreboard (Pham-Gia 2009). The organization should adopt proper system for automation data collection and subsequent reporting. According to various studies it is evident that most of the organization with a good data collection and reporting system maintain better performance. Conclusion The application of a balanced scorecard by World Vision Australia can increase their success in the future. The organization should come up with data collection and reporting system which will ensure efficient implementation of a well balance metrics. The good performance of any organization with reference to the above discussion may be as a result of a balanced scorecard which indicates the organizational performance as seen in the case above. It therefore advisable for organizations to adopt the use of a scorecard with a well-developed financial metrics. References Kaplan, R. S., and Norton, D. P. 2010. The balanced scorecard: translating strategy into action. Boston, mass, Harvard business school press Makhijani, N., and Creelman, J. 2011. Creating a balanced scorecard for a financial services organization. Singapore, wiley. Niven, P. R. 2011. Balanced scorecard step-by-step for government and nonprofit agencies. Hoboken, wiley. Niven, P. R. 2015. Balanced scorecard diagnostics: maintaining maximum performance. Hoboken N.J., J. Wiley. Niven, R. R. 2016. Balanced scorecard step-by-step maximizing performance and maintaining results. Hoboken, wiley. Pham-Gia, K. 2009. Balanced scorecard - solving all problems of traditional accounting systems?

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Iron Man Character Analysis free essay sample

Tony Stark’s Character Growth in Iron Man In the beginning of Iron Man, the main protagonist, Tony Stark, was generally a bad person. He was an extreme example of the celebrity stereotype flashy, arrogant, self-absorbed, and rude. Stark took personal honors, as well as relationships with others, for granted. But that all changed when Stark was kidnapped by a terroristic rebel group. During his time as a prisoner, Tony saw what horrors his technology could be used for, and later escaped captivity humbled and changed. From the moment he returned, Stark’s character started growing into a caring and heroic figure. Specifically, Tony Stark emerged as a new man, actually caring for his assistant, Pepper Pots, being concerned about what his technology is used for, and becoming Iron Man to save others. In the beginning of the film, it became apparent that Pepper Pots did quite a lot for Tony. We will write a custom essay sample on Iron Man Character Analysis or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page She was his manager after all. Although, portraying his original shallow character, Stark didn’t ever really seem grateful to her for what she did for him, and would just rattle off tasks for her to do. At one point, he even forgot Pepper’s birthday, saying, â€Å"Its your birthday? Well, get yourself something nice for me†. (Iron Man) This quote truly shows the disregard that Stark had for his assistant, and the disconnect between the two. Fast forward to after Tony’s capture, and while attending one of his social functions, Stark danced with Pepper for quite a while, making meaningful conversation. The two even almost kissed. lThroughout the movie, Tony’s caring grew for Pepper, with him saving her from Obadiah Stane, the eventual villain of the movie. At one point, when Pepper told Tony that he is all she has, Tony replied with, â€Å"You’re all I have too†. (Iron Man) At the conclusion of the movie, the stage was set for the beginning of Tony and Pepper’s relationship, which was truly a 180 degree turn from where the two began the movie. Another such change was when Stark started caring where his shipments of weapons went. At the start of Iron Man, Stark Industries weaponry was distributed all over the globe with little, if any, concern to where it ended up. Oftentimes these extremely powerful weapons ended up in the wrong hands, like insurgents. When Tony’s convoy was attacked, a rocket lodged into the ground in front of him, bearing the inscription of Tony’s own corporation. Upon his return, having seen the horrors of his weaponry firsthand, Stark set out to right the wrongs. At his first press conference after coming home, Tony said, â€Å"I saw young Americans killed by the very weapons I created to defend them and protect them. And I saw that I had become part of a system that is comfortable with zero-accountability†. Iron Man) He then proceeded to shut down the weaponry arm of Stark Industries. These actions are the sign of a changed man. Tony Stark went from war profiteering to whistleblowing for corrupt arms dealing. Finally, Tony Stark’s most obvious change was simply in becoming a superhero. From the start of the movie, Stark was a rich, self-interested playboy who would be more concerned over a scratch on the finish of his Audi R8 than the fate of the free world unless it benefitted him. Taking a completely different direction, Tony used his Iron Man suit to pursue those who wrongfully used Stark Industries weapons. Stark even stated, â€Å"I shouldnt be alive unless it was for a reason. Im not crazy, Pepper. I just finally know what I have to do. And I know in my heart that its right†. (Iron Man) This quote was referencing his decision to pursue justice against those who were previously mentioned. It was amazing to see Tony Stark go from some disinterested rich guy to a full-blown superhero, dealing justice through his high tech suit of armor. In the ways of turning around one’s life, Tony Stark may have been one of the most extreme examples in cinema. He went from a callous, self-absorbed playboy to an absolute comic book hero. On the way to becoming such a hero, Stark gained quite an appreciation for his assistant, Pepper Pots, righted wrongs that his weapons caused, and became a hero for the oppressed. That was quite a turn around, Tony.

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Summary of The Junkys Christmas by Burroughs Essay Example

Summary of The Junkys Christmas by Burroughs Essay Example Summary of The Junkys Christmas by Burroughs Paper Summary of The Junkys Christmas by Burroughs Paper William Burroughs: The Junky Christmas Objective summary This short story of William Burroughs is about Danny the Car Wiper, a Junky, who tries to score a fix on Christmas day. At first he tries to break open someones car and steal everything from it, but the owner arrives, so Danny has to flee away. Then he steals a suitcase from a doorway, but as he opens it he notices that a womans legs are in the suitcase. He quickly throws the body parts away and heads to Sorrows Cafeteria, where he manages to sell the empty suitcase for some money. Unfortunately for Danny, his former dealer got locked in prison so now he has to find someone who can sell him some heroin. After wandering on the streets he meets a friend of his, who tells Danny that nobody is around selling drugs. Danny has to visit a doctor, P. H. Gunning, who gives him a quarter-grain tablet free for his facial neuralgia. After this Danny rents a room in a motel and starts to inject himself, but he hears groaning from the other room. Another Junky lays there, a young man, who suffers from kidney stones. Danny pities him and injects the man with his morphine. At the end he feels the effect of the immaculate fix in his body, caused by his good deed, and falls asleep in his room. Subjective summary The Junky Christmas is a moving peace of literature, in which the characters are authentic and their problem seems to be realistic. It is easy to assume that the writer, Burroughs got in this kind of situation several times when he was an addict. A parallel can be found between The Junky Christmas and traditional Christmas- hemmed tales: the poor protagonist hardly reaches his goal by acquiring something he lacks of (food, present, or in this case: heroin), but when he finds someone who is in even worse situation than him, he pities this person and presents him/her. These tales have a happy ending, as the protagonist finds relief and Joy in his good deed. In the case of Burroughs short story, the ending is rather ironical, as the protagonist is a Junky, who helps another Junky by giving him morphine. Because of this act, his reward is the feeling of the perfect heroin shot.

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Market Segmentation in Apple Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Market Segmentation in Apple - Dissertation Example â€Å"An example of one product and multiple segments would be Apple’s iPod which was produced and targeted towards different demographic segments including male and females, different age levels and different income levels† (Elements of a Successful Business Plan: Market Segmentation n.d., p. 5). 2. Aim of the Research The aim of the research is to: Investigate the marketing segmentation strategies in Apple (UK). â€Å"Market segmentation is important as it helps the firms to get customer focused† (Saxena 2009, p. 212). It is necessary to investigate the market segmentation strategies of a firm in order to understand its market strategies and to strengthen its products in the market. 3. Literature Review: Market segmentation is a strategy in marketing and economics. â€Å"Apple exemplifies the marketing concept in every aspect of its business† (Boone & Kurtz p. 11). Market segment is a division of a market made up of organizations or people with one or more features that reason them to demand similar product and services based on character of those products such as functions or price. â€Å"Demographic differences have been widely used as bases for segmenting consumer markets† (Croft 1994, p. 24). According to Michael J Baker and Michael Saren in their book, â€Å"Marketing Theory: A Student Text,† market segmentation is essential to strategic marketing. Segmentation outcome is an improved, developed consideration of consumer’s behaviors, similarities and differences, and so directs the growth of marketing programmes and propositions. So as to make informed decisions regarding which parts to target, managers require to identify key marketing environment trends and drivers, competitor’s plans and capabilities, internal capital and capabilities, and probable matching with corporate plan. The procedure of undertaking market segmentation, so, acts as a catalyst to attaining such insights. â€Å"The resulting decisions about resource allocation and marketing programmes are likely to be much better directed as a consequence of the segmentation study† (Baker & Saren 2010). Kotler, in his work, â€Å"Framework for Marketing Management, 3/E† says that apple’s markets know that customers associate the brand with user friendly functionality, innovative technology and sleek design. Therefore, every Apple products, IPod players, Macintosh desktop and laptop computers and even the online ITunes store and tiger software are consistent with this image and delivers the kind of experience those customers expect from the brand. â€Å"Good marketing is no accident, but a result of careful planning and execution, as the Apple computer example shows† (Kotler & Keller 2007). According to Benjamin Bach, in his book called, â€Å"Implications of Enabling Technologies for Apple Inc.: Cyber Marketing,† Apple Inc distributes technological innovations and new products to the market, their targeting, e- marketing segmentation and positioning strategies be different from customary marketing methods in terms of a better segmentation for the reason that customer behavior can be tracked quicker, be easily understood and therefore, f urther sufficiently recognized and lastly targeted. â€Å"Hence, marketing strategies can be faster adapted and updated through the increased speed of information gathering processes from applying technology† (Bach 2007, p. 14). 4) Research strategy and methodology 4.1) Research Question: The research question is to: